Moret Art Consultancy
Art and antiques valuers

The first consultancy specialising in art with headquarters in Galicia. Our company was established in 2007,  capitalising on the knowledge of three generations in the world of collecting with a single aim: To offer collectors and public or private institutions a professional management model based on three fundamental pillars:

Analysis of critical parameters (artistic, conservation, economic value, risk analysis and legal issues). For this, our methodology is based on following the main procedures developed at an international level for the art market in terms of management, specifically for economic valuations based on the Uniform standars for art appriasing developed by the Appraisers Association of America.

Technology. Design and implementation of tools which allow professional, fast and simple management of all relevant information. Our developments are adapted case by case for each collection.

Deep understanding of the market, at a national level, with a specific focus on the Galician market.