in art
and antiques

Each collection has a series of characteristics, apart from purely formal or objective characteristics, which give an individual idiosyncrasy. At Moret Art we give a special importance to discovering them together with our clients. This allows us to generate the necessary tools to manage your collections, taking into account the critical factors which may affect both their development and their valuation.

The parameters, tastes and resources of each client necessitate the design and implementation of personalised strategies in each case, with the guarantee that a team of experts will provide you with continuous and systematic assistance to meet your needs.

Methodological rigour, along with a deep knowledge of the national market with a specific focus on the Galician market, is an added value element and constitutes our hallmark.


  • Valuation of works of art and antiques.
    painting / sculpture / drawings / prints / photography / furniture / arts / decorations
  • Cataloguing and management of collections.
  • Auditing of collections.
  • Assessment of art purchases.
  • Legal expertise * on works of art and antiques.
  • Reports for insurance companies on works of art and antiques.
  • Management for authentication of works of art.
  • Customised artistic projects.


  • To find out its market value at a certain time and thereby be able to make objective decisions about its purchase or sale.
  • To be able to carry out a profitability analysis with adequate coverage.
  • To take out an insurance policy (home, office, etc.) con la cobertura adecuada.
  • o be able to make a claim from the insurance company in case of loss (water damage, fire, robbery, etc.).
  • To find out the market value of the work which is being given to an exhibition and thus ensure that the coverage of the contracted insurance policy is adequate.
  • Para poder hacer unTo be able to make a fair distribution of goods in case of inheritance, divorce, etc.
  • To establish its value in order to make a donation.


  • Developed by a multidisciplinary team made up of specialists in art and antiques, valuations and statistics.
  • Integrating the comparative valuation methodology with factor correction with multiple regression techniques to determine the stochastic variable.
  • At an operational level we use the USAP protocols set by the Appraisers Association of America.
  • Our market research methodology combines direct field research techniques with the use of the most advanced tools.
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